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Friday, August 12, 2011

Gone to the dogs

It is quite obvious to me that all is not well on this planet called earth, some will say, it's not the planet or the world that's having convulsions but rather, those that call this place home, and I will assert, this planet was incomplete while there were no living soul upon it, in short, without living beings upon this earth, it is lacking in the substance in which Almighty God delights in.
There is something that has gone awry, for you see, there was a time when I did not hear of women committing   lewd acts that I hear or read that they are being caught in at an alarming rate nowadays. And then there are the so-called members of Congress that has been caught in unflattering and unbecoming acts of  lewdness, such as sending pictures of themselves in the nude or semi-nakedness. For a great many years we had heard of Priests of a particular "faith" acting unbecoming of  their "calling."  Self gratification and indulgence seems to have over taken decency and common sense. Most of society as we know it, have adopted the attitude, "If it feel good; do it," and then, there's a company logo that say "Just do it" and indeed that's just what most of this generation are doing.
Often times, I go for walks with my dear and trusted friend (my dog) and she never fail to entertain me as we make our way down one of the  two dirt roads we take our leisure walk on, she will enviably find some "smelly" bit of a carcass (for there are many hunters of deers in this area, and they dispose of the unwanted portions of the animal out into the woods), the  newly found bone of the carcass is her (my dog) delight, I think she run along ahead and into the peripheral  of the woods in joy and anticipation of what she may find in those woods to fodder.
It has been said that the "sixties" were the age of sexual revolution but the things I have already mentioned previously in this blog, indicates to me that the revolution evidently is going on to this day. When a nation or a people lose it's sense of morality, I will declare to you, that nation has started its decline. Bad conduct, corrupts good manners. From where I stand, I say morality has moved from our borders and no longer resides in the United States of America.

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